[PATCH 06/12] revert "x86: Also pass -P to $(CPP) when processing i386-opc.tbl"

Michael Matz matz@suse.de
Mon Aug 8 12:49:32 GMT 2022


On Fri, 5 Aug 2022, Jan Beulich via Binutils wrote:

> This reverts commit 384f368958f2a5bb083660e58e5f8a010e6ad429, which
> broke i386-gen's emitting of diagnostics. As a replacement to address
> the original issue of newer gcc no longer splicing lines when dropping
> the line continuation backslashes, switch to using + as the line
> continuation character, doing the line splicing in i386-gen.

I will note that all occurrences of the line continuation character are 
within the various <> templates, never in the opcodes themself.  So their 
content is all bracketed, and there's no reason why they should even be 
considered to be single-lined.  So all of this should be possible to be 
fixed in parse_template() alone, and then i386-opc.tbl wouldn't need any 
continuation characters at all.


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