Andreas Schwab schwab@suse.de
Mon Aug 8 08:02:11 GMT 2022

On Aug 07 2022, Fangrui Song via Binutils wrote:

> There is no assembler syntax for the two relocation types and therefore
> they appear to be never used. Remove related ld code.

FWIW, they are still generically handled by the .vtable_inherit and
.vtable_entry pseudo-ops, but support for -fvtable-gc has been removed
from gcc in 2003.  The RISC-V assembler never picked them up.

$ riscv64-suse-linux-as vtable.s 
vtable.s: Assembler messages:
vtable.s:1: Error: cannot represent BFD_RELOC_VTABLE_ENTRY relocation in object file
vtable.s:2: Error: cannot represent BFD_RELOC_VTABLE_INHERIT relocation in object file

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