[RESEND PATCH 0/1] gas: Minor strings fix on June 2022 (Mach-O part)

Tsukasa OI research_trasio@irq.a4lg.com
Sun Aug 7 07:40:41 GMT 2022

This is a ping.


This patchset contains some minor string improvements I discovered
while I'm investigating/translating GAS.

Original PATCH 2/2 was merged independently so I will resend PATCH 1/2 only.

It seems this is okay to Tristan (Mach-O maintainer) so I request for merge.

PATCH 1 : gas/config/obj-macho.c (i18n enablement)

On collect_16char_name on this file, there's a formatted error message:

> as_bad (_("the %s name '%s' is too long (maximum 16 characters)"),
>            msg, namstart);

collect_16char_name is called by obj_mach_o_get_section_names but
it does not wrap input `msg' parameter.  Quoting from the function:

> if (collect_16char_name (seg, "segment", 1))

> collect_16char_name (sec, "section", 0);

The words "segment" and "section" should be wrapped with _().
This is not a problem on French but it IS on Spanish.  I quote some
Spanish translation from gas/po/es.po:

> #: config/obj-macho.c:119
> #, c-format
> msgid "the %s name '%s' is too long (maximum 16 characters)"
> msgstr "el nombre %s «%s» es demasiado largo (máximo 16 caracteres)"

> #: config/tc-aarch64.c:607 config/tc-arm.c:1072 config/tc-i860.c:1003
> #: config/tc-sparc.c:3440
> msgid "bad segment"
> msgstr "segmento equivocado"

> #: config/tc-alpha.c:4274
> #, c-format
> msgid "unknown section attribute %s"
> msgstr "atributo seccional %s desconocido"

It will have following mappings in French (fr):

    segment  -->  segment
    section  -->  section

On the other hand, it will have following mappings in Spanish (es):

    segment  -->  segmento
    section  -->  seccional

In Japanese (the language I am trying to translate some GAS strings),
it will be visiblly significant:

Sample message in English:
    the section name 'ABC...' is too long (maximum 16 characters)
Possible Japanese translation without this patch:
    section 名 'ABC...' が長すぎます (最大 16 文字)
Possible Japanese translation with this patch:
    セクション名 'ABC...' が長すぎます (最大 16 文字)

In here, an English word "section" stands out too much in otherwise
Japanese message.  If we can translate the word "section" (technically,
transliterate) to "セクション" (Hepburn: sekushon), the whole sentense
gets more natural.

It will have following mappings in Japanese:

    segment  -->  セグメント
    section  -->  セクション

I completely understand that the most of Binutils users understand what
"section" and "segment" is.  However, we usually translate the text containing
"section" and "segment" (or at least make them translatable) and we don't want
messages with mixed languages.


Tsukasa OI (1):
  Mach-O: i18n enablement on some error messages

 gas/config/obj-macho.c | 4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

base-commit: 9663a947c09f63f75491dd4ad2f38fb448142240

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