Need help buiding bfd shared library

Potharla, Rupesh
Wed Aug 3 06:49:38 GMT 2022

[AMD Official Use Only - General]

>On 03.08.2022 08:09, Potharla, Rupesh via Binutils wrote:
>> I am working on building bfd shared library for my code changes. I tried with
>"configure --enable-shared=bfd" but BFD is creating static library only even
>with -enable-shared option .  Did I miss something ? Can someone help me
>with the instructions to build bfd shared library?
>Did you try --enable-shared without "=bfd"? So far I wasn't aware of that form
>as an option, and at least a quick inspection of the configure script also
>doesn't suggest that form might exist. But I may be entirely wrong ...

I tried that option as well and tried with --enable-host-shared combination also but no luck. 

Rupesh P

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