[PATCH] Support multiple .eh_frame sections

Jojo R rjiejie@linux.alibaba.com
Tue Aug 2 07:23:48 GMT 2022

在 2022/8/1 下午7:10, Nick Clifton 写道:
> Hi Jojo,
>>     This patch is based on MULTIPLE_FRAME_SECTIONS and 
>> EH_FRAME_LINKONCE, >     it allows backend to enable this feature and 
>> use '--gc-sections' simply.
> This patch looks good to me.  But there are two issues, one small, one 
> major:
> * The small issue is that you need to add an entry to the 
> gas/doc/internals.texi
> describing the new TARGET_MULTIPLE_EH_FRAME_SECTIONS macro.  (I know 
> that the
> name is basically self-describing, but it is nice to keep the 
> documentation
> accurate).
> * The bigger issue is that I could not find a FSF copyright assignment 
> under
> your name, or for Alibaba.  We would need such an assignment before we 
> could
> accept your patch.  (Note - I did find an assignment for Alibaba 
> contributions
> to gcc, so I would assume that obtaining a similar assignment for the 
> binutils
> should not be too difficult).
> Cheers
>   Nick

Hi Nick,

     Thanks for your review :)

     i will update documentation and check the FSF copyright assignment.

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