Adding binutils to the GNU Toolchain buildbot on sourceware

Mark Wielaard
Tue Apr 26 22:59:35 GMT 2022

Hi Frank,

On Tue, Apr 26, 2022 at 05:40:25AM -0400, Frank Ch. Eigler via Overseers wrote:
> > Unfortunately gdb's testsuite is not too reliable. It's been improved over
> > the years, but still gives quite a bit of non-deterministic results based on
> > distro version/compiler version etc. So I'd leave those out in favor of just
> > making sure things build properly.
> This problem is why we're building out a gadget called bunsen, which
> is a tool to absorb histories of testsuites, and draw statistical
> conclusions.  Still early days, but noisy testsuites are not a
> problem.

Right. And because Keith is very involved with this having builders
that feed bunsen lots of gdb testsuite results is important. Sorry if
I made it sound like "large checks" aren't important for the
builder. They are!

But I do think we should try to split the "heavy test everything
builders" from the "quick sanity check builders" a bit.

e.g. maybe we can use the fedrawhide-x86_64 worker only for the full
gdb-binutils builder and use another worker for the "quick" binutils
only builder. That way a "quick" builder doesn't get behind a couple
of "heavy" builds (which means you might get your quick result only
after a couple of hours).

How about using the other fedora-x86_64 worker (as attached)?

I tried a couple of other workers, but some were too slow, or didn't
generate a clean make check-ld results.


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