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Mike Frysinger
Sun May 2 17:03:40 GMT 2021

On 27 Apr 2021 12:19, Jose E. Marchesi via Binutils wrote:
> > On 26 Apr 2021 11:43, Nick Clifton via Binutils wrote:
> >> > can do, but how does that fit into the on-going release process ?  is there a
> >> > script someone runs to generate all of these, and then upload specific files ?
> >> 
> >> At the moment when I create a release I follow the steps outlined in 
> >> binutils/README-how-to-make-a-release.  Which basically involves 
> >> manually creating the documentation and uploading it.
> >
> > wdyt of this ?  we'd need this patch in all the major dirs
> > (bfd/etc...).
> An alternative would be to use the script from gnulib with
> rules like the following:

we should support generating the docs locally by users too.  we can do
gendocs work on top of that, but it shouldn't be in place of it.  this
makes it a lot easier to develop locally and compare things.

if you want to send a patch for integrating gendocs usage, go for it.
it'll require a lot more coordinating with Nick & the release process.

> Note that we don't need to integrate with gnulib-tool in order to use
> these scripts: we could just copy them over.
> Properly integrating binutils with gnulib would be better, but that is
> for another project I guess... :)

i sent a patch for importing gendocs into the local gnulib.  but everytime
i've tried to run it, i just get frustrated :).

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