[gas][cortex-m23] why does this beq.w results in hard fault?

Nick Clifton nickc@redhat.com
Fri Mar 26 15:25:57 GMT 2021

Hi Francesco,

> .arch        armv8-m.base

> The wide contidional branch is supported only for the Armv7-M.
> The Armv8-M architectural reference manual states that:
> /    Armv7-M compatibility requires the Main Extension/
> Cortex-M23 implements the ARMv8-M baseline instruction set (so no Main Extension).
> For these reasons, could there be a problem with the assembler that is not giving out any error?

This does indeed sound like a bug in the assembler.  Please could you
file a bug report here:


If you can include a small piece of assembler that demonstrates the problem
that would help a lot.


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