[PATCH 0/6] x86: further opcode table compaction plus fallout

Jan Beulich jbeulich@suse.com
Fri Mar 26 10:48:41 GMT 2021

This continues from "[PATCH 0/8] x86: work towards further opcode table
compaction", but there will remain significant gains to be had. It also
remains open whether to also convert VEX/EVEX Space_0F* use into
opcode representation, just like patch 4 does as a side effect of
templating SSE2AVX and their "original" templates.

1: derive opcode encoding space attribute from base opcode
2: shrink some struct insn_template fields
3: undo Prefix_0X<nn> use in opcode table
4: fold SSE2AVX and their base MMX/SSE templates
5: VPSADBW's source operands are also commutative
6: move some opcode table entries


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