[PATCH 6/6] bfd: strip symbols not representable in COFF/PE symbol table

Jan Beulich jbeulich@suse.com
Mon Mar 8 16:11:53 GMT 2021

On 08.03.2021 16:05, Jan Beulich via Binutils wrote:
> On 04.03.2021 10:06, Jan Beulich via Binutils wrote:
>> ..., but I'll be waiting with committing this
>> anyway until I've tested this against a more complete set of
>> targets (like I'll also do for patch 5).
> This change is producing a large amount of fallout on mcore. My
> understanding is that this is due to ld/scripttempl/mcorepe.sc
> having
>   .stack 0x80000 :
>   {
>     _stack = .;
>     *(.stack)
>   }
> This use of a fixed address makes it quite likely that _stack will
> end up ahead of all sections (default image base being 0x400000),
> and hence have a negative (i.e. apparently huge positive) value. I
> have to admit I have a hard time seeing how placing the stack at a
> fixed address can do anything good. Besides possibly wrapping the
> assignment of _stack in a PROVIDE() (not tested yet) an option
> might also be to replace the fixed address by ALIGN(0x80000).

PROVIDE() looks to fix all the issues, so I guess that'll be the
way to go then.


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