HELP: MIPS PC Relative Addressing

Jiaxun Yang
Thu Mar 4 03:33:08 GMT 2021

在 2021/3/2 下午11:30, Maciej W. Rozycki 写道:
> On Tue, 2 Mar 2021, Jiaxun Yang wrote:
>> After spending days poking with AUIPC, I suddenly found we indeed have ALUIPC
>> instruction in MIPS R6, which will clear low 16bit of AUIPC result.
>> So the whole thing now looks easier, we can have R_MIPS_PC_PAGE and
>> R_MIPS_PC_OFST and avoid  all mess we met in RISC-V.
>> A pcrel loading could be as simple as:
>> aluipc     a0, %pcrel_page(sym)
>> addiu      a0, %pcrel_ofst(sym)
>   Yes, it should work, but you'll have to 64KiB-align the module in the
> static link.
>   You may not need a new relocation for the low part as it looks to me like
> the semantics of plain LO16 fits (though its REL handling peculiarities
> may indeed favour an entirely new "clean" relocation"), but it's a design
> detail and the general principle seems right to me.

Let me take a look ;-)

>   I'm not sure though why you try to avoid composed relocations given we've
> had them for 20+ years now.  Relocations are just calculation operators
> for expressions evaluated at link time rather than assembly or high-level
> language compilation time.  And just like we don't invent single operators
> for complex combinations of `+', `&', `%', `<<', etc. and instead compose
> the exiting ones in expressions used in various programming languages to
> get the desired calculation, we don't need to do that for relocation and
> we can just have a collection of simple relocation operators to choose
> from and combine.

Well just because binutils code drives me crazy:-(
I tired very hard to understand those stuff but when I trying to modify them
I just got endless assert failure or other unreasonable errors :-/


- Jiaxun

>    Maciej

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