PATCH: Reserved ELF machine numbers EM_LS253 to EM_LS256

Xu Chenghua
Mon Aug 17 09:28:19 GMT 2020


I reserved ELF machine numbers 253-256 for Loongson.

The 255 for Loongson GPU.

The 256 for Loongson Loongarch CPU.

The 253 and 254 reserved for Loongson.

I will check in this patch if there are no objections after a week.



2020-08-24  Chenghua Xu  <>

	* common.h (EM_LS253): New.
	(EM_LS254): Likewise.
	(EM_GSGPU): Likewise.
	(EM_LOONGARCH): Likewise.

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