bdf linker seg fault while building SPEC2017 cam4 benchmark

Steve Ellcey
Sat Jun 22 00:52:00 GMT 2019

I am curious if anyone has had a problem building the 527.cam4_r
benchmark from SPEC2017 with -flto.

I am building it on Aarch64 (ThunderX2) using the latest GCC, binutils,
and glibc.  I compiled cam4 with '-flto -Ofast' and the linker dies
with a segmentation fault.  I tried looking at ld under the debugger
and it looks like it is dying in bfd_hash_lookup and that 'table' is a
NULL pointer.

It's possible that there is a compiler bug causing the problem but I
thought I would see if anyone else has seen the linker die in this bfd

Steve Ellcey

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