[PATCH] libctf: eschew %zi format specifier

Nick Alcock nick.alcock@oracle.com
Wed Jun 5 17:06:00 GMT 2019

On 5 Jun 2019, Tom Tromey outgrape:

>>>>>> "Nick" == Nick Alcock <nick.alcock@oracle.com> writes:
> Nick> Too many platforms don't support it, and we can always safely use %lu or
> Nick> %li anyway, because the only uses are in debugging output.
> Thanks for doing this.  I can confirm it fixes the warnings I sent in
> that note.  It turns out there were more, because I'd only reported the
> ones that occurred in a file with errors.  Full log appended.

I searched for %z uses. I was hoping you might report any other stuff
that happened. :)

I'll squash these.

> The implicit function declaration one looks maybe bad.

No strndup()?! Can't we even rely on POSIX.1-2001? It's old enough to
vote! (I guess I'll have to AC_LIBOBJ a replacement in.)

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