your binutils commits 90bd54236cb8b1c31c3662977159be971044c20d and e33f2313bf63b77763739732be14b469b4b647b7

Nick Alcock
Mon Jun 3 19:31:00 GMT 2019

On 3 Jun 2019, Nick Clifton verbalised:

> Hi Nick,
>>>> I have no particular preference -- but libctf not building on non-ELF
>>>> targets was a bug, and it's fixed: we shouldn't be suppressing it any
>>>> more.
>>> Agreed - I am trying to work out how to revert my original patch without
>>> actually breaking anything.  I'll keep you informed.
>> OK, great! Thank you!
> All my checks have passed, so I have now reverted the original patch.


I hope to have the tree building everywhere again fairly soon (testing a
fix for the most recently reported problems now). Sorry for the
prolonged breakage on multifarious platforms :(

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