[PATCH][AArch64] Add support for GMID_EL1 register for +memtag

Kyrill Tkachov kyrylo.tkachov@foss.arm.com
Mon Jul 22 16:06:00 GMT 2019

Hi all,

We're missing support for the GMID_EL1 system register from the Memory 
Tagging Extension in binutils.
This is specified at:

This simple patch adds the support for this read-only register.
Tested make check on gas.

Ok for master?

2019-07-22  Kyrylo Tkachov  <kyrylo.tkachov@arm.com>

     * aarch64-opc.c (aarch64_sys_regs): Add gmid_el1 entry.
     (aarch64_sys_reg_supported_p): Handle gmid_el1 encoding.

2019-07-22  Kyrylo Tkachov  <kyrylo.tkachov@arm.com>

     * testsuite/gas/aarch64/sysreg-4.s: Test gmid_el1 read.
     * testsuite/gas/aarch64/sysreg-4.d: Update expected output.
     * testsuite/gas/aarch64/illegal-sysreg-4.l: Likewise.

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