RFC: Add initial support for .NET Core dlls to objdump

Omair Majid omajid@redhat.com
Thu Jul 18 17:43:00 GMT 2019

Hi Nick,

Thanks for all your comments! They have been really helpful.

Nick Clifton <nickc@redhat.com> writes:

> I also think that since the gentestdlls.c program is part of the binutils
> testsuite it ought to live in the binutils/testsuite directory and not the
> binutils/ directory.

I see that some other programs - bfdtest1 and bfdtest2 - also work
similarly. I have left them in binutils instead of moving them into

> Also you need a mechanism to build the gentestdlls
> executable, and to bail out from the test if the executable cannot be created.

The changes to Makefile.am take care of this already, no? I did run
autoreconf locally in both binutils-gdb and in binutils-gdb/binutils. I
did not include the changes in my patch because it causes a large diff,
and I also seem to have a different version of automake (1.16.1 vs 1.15.1).

As I understand it, if gentestdlls fails to build, it fails the entire
binutils build. Is that okay?

Do I have to handle other architectures in the test specially? Will
objdump be able to handle dumping i386 PE/Coff on aarch64 platforms, for

> PS.  I am off on PTO for two weeks, so I will not be able to respond to emails
> until later this month...

Hope you are enjoying your time off!


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