Assertion failure in elflink.c:2824 (binutils 2.30, powerpc)

Justin Hibbits
Wed Jul 10 19:18:00 GMT 2019


Building LLVM 6.0 on FreeBSD/powerpc (devel/llvm60 port) the assertion
in the subject trips (displays twice) when linking  The
issue has been filed in FreeBSD's bugzilla, at .  It appears
the 'llvm::hashing::detail::get_execution_seed()::seed@@JL_LLVM_6.0'
symbol is being weakly aliased to an indirect symbol
__bss_start@@JL_LLVM_6.0.  Since __bss_start@@JL_LLVM_6.0 is an
indirect symbol, it fails the assertion.

My thought, shown in comment #51, and Mark Millard's comment #52, is
that 'def' may need to itself be resolved to its target as well, by
duplicating the while loop resolving h's indirection.

Is this correct thinking?

The failure is 100% reproducible on FreeBSD/powerpc, with binutils 2.30
and 2.32.


Justin Hibbits

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