[PATCH v2] gas/ELF: don't accumulate .type settings

Maciej W. Rozycki macro@linux-mips.org
Tue Jul 9 12:30:00 GMT 2019

On Tue, 9 Jul 2019, Jan Beulich wrote:

> And yes, I'm aware that I should have done even wider testing.
> I sort of hoped that by having had to fiddle with (and hence
> test) hppa (alongside x86) I'd be good enough. I'll know better
> next time, apologies.

 FWIW running regression testing with reasonably recent hardware across 
(most of) our target base takes machine processing in the order of maybe 1 
hour in terms of elapsed time and does not require any additional tools 
beyond a native toolchain, so I think it is worth making it a regular 
habit when making any changes to binutils outside strictly target-specific 

 Then if there are obscure target-specific issues you cannot figure out 
what to do about, you can ask for assistance at the mailing list before a 
change is committed that breaks things.  Not breaking things is important 
for bisecting other problems.

 Alan, thanks for stepping in and taking care of this time; my time is 
limited these days for any MIPS maintenance (and I had a network outage 
from yesterday till shortly before now too).


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