[PATCH 3/3][PR binutils/23728][PR gdb/23742][PR binutils/23746] Update macOS load commands: Add LC_BUILD_VERSION load command

Saagar Jha saagar@saagarjha.com
Sun Oct 28 03:56:00 GMT 2018

This patch contains preliminary support for the LC_BUILD_VERSION load command, which seems to be similar to the LC_VERSION_MIN_* commands but extended with platform and build tool information. As it stands currently, the load command is only partially read in; in particular, the command contains a variable-size list of “tools” used to compile the executable that I couldn’t figure out a way to embed into a fixed-size struct on the stack. I was considering allocating memory here and storing this in a pointer in bfd_mach_o_build_version_command, but I couldn’t really figure out which allocator to use (bfd/mach-o.c seems to use several in the same file) or when to free the allocated memory. Is there a way to implement this in the way version commands are currently structured?

Saagar Jha
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