[PATCH 2/3] Update macOS load commands: Add LC_NOTE load command

Saagar Jha saagar@saagarjha.com
Sun Oct 28 03:55:00 GMT 2018

macOS Mojave adds a couple of new load commands, one of which is the LC_NOTE command. I’ve added some support for working with this load command, basing my code on how the rest of the load commands are implemented. I couldn’t quite figure the code style out, so I made my best guess as to what it was supposed to be. Also, since I couldn’t actually find any binaries with a LC_NOTE load command to test this code on, I can't guarantee it works correctly. If anyone has actually seen this command somewhere, I’d love to get my hands on something to test on; otherwise I’ll have to hope this works and continue looking for a way to generate an appropriate executable.

Saagar Jha
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