[PATCH] GAS/MIPS: Add `-mfix-r5900' option for the R5900 short loop errata

Fredrik Noring noring@nocrew.org
Sat Oct 27 09:22:00 GMT 2018

Hi Maciej,

> > It was "mipsr5900el-unknown-linux-gnu".
>  Please mention that when making submissions.

Will do. I'm preparing v2 now.

>  You could include a bare metal ELF target in your testing, e.g. 
> `mipsr5900el-elf' would be an obvious choice in your case, to avoid 
> surprises.


>  There's no need to mention preexisting failures (unless you're fixing 
> them).  Also I seem to remember now our discussion on these CP0 register 
> disassembly issues.

I briefly tried "mips2-unknown-linux-gnu" but it had 300+ preexisting
issues, so I gave up on that one.

>  GDB is actually a separate project, although it shares the repository.  
> In the old days of the `src' CVS repo even more projects shared the tree, 
> and you'd normally check out just the CVS module you were interested in.  
> You can't do this with GIT, so instead you can omit non-binutils parts 
> from the build by adding `--disable-gdb --disable-libdecnumber 
> --disable-readline --disable-sim' to the `configure' invocation (you can 
> actually name arbitrary top-level subdirectories to exclude this way).
>  Likewise `--disable-binutils --disable-gas --disable-gold --disable-gprof 
> --disable-ld' will build the GDB parts only of the repository.

Good to know, thanks!


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