Three more days left before the 2.30 release...

Nick Clifton
Fri Jan 26 16:24:00 GMT 2018

Hi H.J.,. Hi Mark,

>> Could you take a look at the bug and proposed fix for
>> "Bad alignment and padding of"
>> This breaks existing code that depends on the normal way GNU ELF notes

> Currently only section follows the gABI.  Since they
> are placed in a separate note section/segment which contains only
> one such note,  it shouldn't be an issue since you don't need to use
> alignment to check the next note.  I believe these tools should be
> updated to follow gABI without breaking backward compatibility
> like what we did in binutils and glibc.

Mark - can you confirm/deny this.  If there is only one note in the section
does the section alignment matter ?


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