[PATCH v2] _bfd_mips_elf_final_link: notify user about wrong .reginfo size

Maciej W. Rozycki macro@mips.com
Fri Jan 12 09:38:00 GMT 2018

Hi Vlad,

 Thank you for the updated patch.  I have updated its heading to have the 
sentence capitalised as I previously requested, i.e.:

_bfd_mips_elf_final_link: Notify user about wrong .reginfo size

and committed your change.  When submitting further changes please omit 
any ChangeLog updates from the patch itself as they tend to apply wrongly 
or not at all; the committer will extract entries from the description and 
apply them where appropriate (also in the future we may have a GIT hook to 
do that automatically).

 This change was small enough not to require a legal procedure to be 
followed before it could be accepted for inclusion.  If you wish to 
continue contributing to our project, then please let me know and I will 
tell you what to do next.

 Thank you for your contribution.  I will follow up with test cases soon.


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