2.30 Branch Planned for Friday...

Nick Clifton nickc@redhat.com
Wed Jan 10 11:46:00 GMT 2018

Hi Francois,

> We have a patch ready to add support for a new target (NFP, Netronome
> Flow Processor). We believe it is in good shape and would like to hear
> if we would still be able to get it accepted in the next release.

It is a bit close to the deadline, but there is still a chance.  But in
order for the port to make it in, you should bare these things in mind:

  * You must have an FSF copyright assignment for the binutils in place.

  * The code in the patch should follow the GNU Coding Standards.

  * The patch should include some additions to the testsuites to make
    sure that it is working, and continues to work in the future.

  * The patch should include some updates to the documentation 
    describing any features, options or quirks specific to the NFP.

  * The patch should build without any errors and hopefully show
    no failures when the gas, ld and binutils testsuites are run.

  * You will probably need to patch the top level config.sub file
    in order to add an entry for the NFP.  Unfortunately this file
    is not part of the binutils project, so you will need to submit
    a separate patch (to <config-patches@gnu.org>).

  * Ideally someone should be willing to volunteer to be a maintainer
    of the port, so that it does not bit-rot away over time.


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