Targetting S12Z

Nick Clifton
Mon Jan 8 14:14:00 GMT 2018

Hi John,

>        * The port should include some new tests in the assembler testsuite, to
>          make sure that assembling and disassembling is working correctly.  If
>          you are including a port of the linker as well, then some new linker
>          tests would also be appropriate.
> Indeed.   Perhaps someone could give me some hints about how tests are run in 
> binutils.  

Just as you tried.  Change into the relevant sub-directory and run "make check".

As for your port, you may find it easiest to just add some extra files into the 
m68k test directories (gas/testsuite/gas/m68k and ld/testsuite/ld-m68k), basing 
them on the files that are already there.

> When I type "make check" I just get a warning that "runtest" cannot
> be found.  I don't know where to get "runtest" or how to install it.

It is usually found in the "dejagnu" package.

> The document I am following is at 



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