Get your changes in

Jan Beulich
Wed Jan 3 10:33:00 GMT 2018

>>> On 03.01.18 at 10:58, <> wrote:
>   I am hoping to be able to make the 2.30 release at the end of this month,
>   so that means that I will be branching the sources next week.  So if you
>   have any new features that you want to see in the release, now is the time
>   to submit them!

Just as a heads up - in the course of my opcode table re-work on
x86 I've found a couple of bugs (some in my recent contributions,
some elsewhere). As I'm doing this work as a sideband activity
only, I can't use more than about a day every other week for it.
I think I have patches mostly ready, but of course I need to
(a) try them out and (b) try to produce test cases for the issues.
I hope to get through this Wednesday next week, leaving only
non-bug-fix work for later.


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