bfd/elfnn-aarch64, veneer stub alignment

Nick Clifton
Wed Feb 28 14:04:00 GMT 2018

Hi Pekka,

> Is is possible to set the minimum alignment for the generated veneers? 


> should the veneer stub land on a word (i.e. 4 byte) aligned address, 
> things might not go so well.


Please could you file a bug report for this problem using the binutils
bugzilla system:

I have a patch to fix the problem, (by enforcing an 8-byte alignment
for the long branch stubs) but I expect that it will raise complaints 
from people, along the lines of: "that nop you insert for alignment 
purposes is not needed on my system - I am not using hardware 
alignment checking".  So it may need to be re-evaluated and a command
line option added to control its behaviour...


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