[PATCH] [Microblaze]: PIC Data Text Relative

Andrew Sadek andrew.sadek.se@gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 08:14:00 GMT 2018

Thanks Micheal for your response.
I shall re-submit patches separately after re-running the whole GCC Test
suite and re-checking code conventions.
For sending to gdb-patches, it was a conflict from my side as actually I
thought it is also for binutils.

On Tue, Feb 27, 2018 at 2:07 AM, Michael Eager <eager@eagerm.com> wrote:

> On 02/25/2018 11:44 PM, Andrew Guirguis wrote:
>> Dears,
>> Kindly find attached the patch bundle for Microblaze
>> '-mpic-data-text-relative' feature.
>> Description of the feature in the following link:
>> https://github.com/andrewsadek/microblaze-pic-data-text-rel/
>> blob/pic_data_text_rel/README.md <https://github.com/andrewsade
>> k/microblaze-pic-data-text-rel/blob/pic_data_text_rel/README.md>
>> Bundle includes:
>> 1) Change logs for GCC, binutils
>> 2) GCC Test results and comparison with the original.
>> 3) New Test case (picdtr.c)
>> 4) The Patches (against current heads)
> Hi Andrew --
> Thanks for the submission.  I have the following recommendations:
> Submit each patch to the appropriate project mailing list.  Only submit
> the patch for the specific project, without patches for other projects.
> Include a description of the changes with each patch as well as the
> changelog.  Include the patch in your email or as an attachment.
> It isn't clear why you sent your submission to the gdb-patches mailing
> list, since there don't appear to be any GDB changes.  Conversely, it is
> not clear why you did not include the binutils mailing list, since you
> include a patch to that project.
> Be sure to follow GNU coding conventions,  Check brace placement,
> indent, maximum line length, if statements, etc.  I noticed a number
> of places where these conventions are not followed in your patches.
> GCC regression tests should include all tests (e.g., gcc.dg), not just the
> limited number of MicroBlaze-specific tests.
> --
> Michael Eager    eager@eagerm.com
> 1960 Park Blvd., Palo Alto, CA 94306



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