[PATCH][ARM][GAS] Diagnose when trying to assemble conditional FP16 vmovx and vins

Andre Vieira (lists) Andre.SimoesDiasVieira@arm.com
Wed Feb 21 16:53:00 GMT 2018


This patch makes GAS emit a warning when trying to assemble the Armv8.2
FP16 instructions VMOVX and VINS with condition codes. The Armv8-A
Reference Manual specifies these instructions without conditional codes
and says that if they are found in an IT block that they are CONSTRAINED

Tested by running make check for arm-none-eabi.

Is it OK for master branch?

2018-02-21  Andre Vieira  <andre.simoesdiasvieira@arm.com>

        * config/tc-arm.c (do_neon_movhf): If conditional error out when
in arm
        mode and emit warning in thumb mode.
        * testsuite/gas/arm/armv8-2-fp16-scalar-bad.s: Add new tests.
        * testsuite/gas/arm/armv8-2-fp16-scalar-bad.l: Idem.
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