[PATCH, gas] Use command line consistently in gas doc

Thomas Preudhomme thomas.preudhomme@foss.arm.com
Wed Feb 21 09:46:00 GMT 2018

I've looked into the sort of usage for "command line" in the existing doc in 
case it was used in a different way. The words "command line option" (or 
command-line argument) seems the most frequent usage. Most target use "command 
line option" but some target use "command-line option". as.texinfo use a mix of 

I've looked at bfd and binutils documentation and again "command line" is the 
most common with few examples of "command-line". Should we take advantage of 
this patch to bring consistency to the whole of gas documentation then? What 
should the consistent use be? "command-line" or "command line"?

Best regards,


On 20/02/18 10:43, Thomas Preudhomme wrote:
> Hi Richard,
> On 20/02/18 10:25, Richard Earnshaw (lists) wrote:
>> On 20/02/18 09:48, Thomas Preudhomme wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> c-aarch64.texi and c-arm.texi contain several occurrences of commandline
>>> instead of "command line" which the rest of gas documentation seems to
>>> have settled on. This patch changes these occurences for better
>>> consistency.
>>> ChangeLog entry is as follows:
>>> *** gas/ChangeLog ***
>>> 2018-02-19  Thomas Preud'homme  <thomas.preudhomme@arm.com>
>>>          * doc/c-aarch64.texi: Replace uses of "commandline" by "command
>>> line".
>>>          * doc/c-arm.texi: Likewise.
>>> Committed as obvious.
>> If I remember my English grammar correctly, since the cases you change
>> here all use "command line" to qualify a noun ("option") I think they
>> should be hyphenated, so "command-line option".
> I agree and my first attempt was changing it in this way but a grep for 
> command.line shows that "command line" is used all over the place and 
> command-line very seldomly. I went for consistency.
> Best regards,
> Thomas

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