Questions about upstreaming a new port [MRISC32]

Sat Dec 15 22:57:00 GMT 2018

Hello all!

As part of my hobby CPU project (called MRISC32) I have made an initial 
port of binutils for the CPU.

Currently I'm fine with keeping the port as a patch series in a personal 
Git repository (that I keep rebasing on top of the latest version of 
binutils). However...

What are the requirements for getting a port upstreamed? (I can 
understand that a CPU architecture may be out of scope for mainline 
binutils if it's not a "popular CPU", but I'm still interested in 
knowing what you think)

More information about the CPU project can be found on GitHub [1], and 
the binutils port is also maintained in a Git repository on GitHub [2].

Best regards,

   Marcus Geelnard



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