[PATCH] gold: Get alignment of uncompressed section from ch_addralign

Cary Coutant ccoutant@gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 01:07:00 GMT 2018

              if (is_zcompressed)
                  // Skip over the ".zdebug" prefix.
                  name += 7;
                  uncompressed_size = get_uncompressed_size(contents, len);
+                 info.addralign = shdr.get_sh_flags();

This should be shdr.get_sh_addralign().

     unsigned int shndx,
     section_size_type* plen,
-    bool* is_new)
+    bool* is_new,
+    uint64_t *palign)

Should be "uint64_t* palign".

   section_is_compressed(unsigned int shndx,
-                       section_size_type* uncompressed_size) const
+                       section_size_type* uncompressed_size,
+                       elfcpp::Elf_Xword *palign = NULL) const


   const unsigned char*
   decompressed_section_contents(unsigned int shndx, section_size_type* plen,
-                               bool* is_cached);
+                               bool* is_cached, uint64_t *palign = NULL);



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