[PATCH, gas/ARM] Add support for Cortex-M23

Thomas Preudhomme thomas.preudhomme@foss.arm.com
Fri Oct 28 14:33:00 GMT 2016

On 27/10/16 13:44, Richard Earnshaw (lists) wrote:
> OK.  Don't forget to update the NEWS file.

I wasn't sure I should. I didn't see any entry for new processor support in the 
NEWS file. It seems we (ARM but also the community in general I think) only 
mention architecture.

I'm happy to change our behavior (and I think it makes sense to announce any 
interface change) but I just want an extra confirmation from you:

*** gas/ChangeLog ***

2016-10-27  Thomas Preud'homme  <thomas.preudhomme@arm.com>

         * config/tc-arm.c (cortex-m23): Declare new processor.
         * doc/c-arm.texi (-mcpu ARM command line option): Document new
         Cortex-M23 processor.
         * NEWS: Mention Cortex-M23 support.

Ok for master?

Best regards,

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