[PATCH] Add XPA ASE and MIPS R5 microMIPS support

Andrew Bennett Andrew.Bennett@imgtec.com
Thu Oct 6 15:53:00 GMT 2016

> > Sorry for the delay in posting a response to this.  The following patch and
> > ChangeLog below makes the mfhgc0 and mthgc0 instructions conditional on both
> > the XPA and Virtualization ASEs being present.  I have updated both the
> > micromips
> > and mips opcode tables.
> >
> Hi Richard,
> I was wondering if you had had chance to review this yet?
> Many thanks,
> Andrew

Hi Maciej,

I never got a response from Richard on this, so I was wondering if you could do the
review?  The latest patch from the email thread is here:


Many thanks,


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