OBJDUMP: print_addr_with_sym

Claudiu Zissulescu Claudiu.Zissulescu@synopsys.com
Thu Oct 6 09:43:00 GMT 2016

Hi guys,

When using (*info->print_address_func) in disassembler, objdump prints something like this for ARC:

494:   0802 0020               bl.d    494 <main+0x494>

Where the first 494 is a hex number, but it misses the "0x". I've traced this problem to  objdump_print_addr_with_sym (objdump.c:1015) where we call objdump_print_value() function without outputting "0x" string.

Shouldn't we add (*inf->fprintf_func) (inf->stream, "0x") before the call of objdump_print_addr_with_sym() (see objdump_print_addr ()) or do I miss something.


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