[AArch64][PATCH 2/2] Add ARMv8.2 instruction alias REV64.

Matthew Wahab matthew.wahab@foss.arm.com
Tue Nov 24 11:19:00 GMT 2015


This patch adds the alias REV64 <Rd>, <Rs> as an alias for REV <Rd>,
<Rs>. However, REV is still the preferred form for the instruction.

Tested the series for aarch64-none-linux-gnu with cross-compiled
check-binutils and check-gas.

Ok for trunk?

2015-11-24  Matthew Wahab  <matthew.wahab@arm.com>

	* gas/aarch64/alias-2.d: Add tests for REV.
	* gas/aarch64/alias-2.s: Likewise.

2015-11-24  Matthew Wahab  <matthew.wahab@arm.com>

	* aarch64-asm-2.c: Regenerate.
	* aarch64-dis-2.c: Regenerate.
	* aarch64-opc-2.c: Regenerate.
	* aarch64-tbl.h (aarchr64_opcode_table): Update "rev", add

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