[PATCH] 'add symbol' feature in objcopy

Ronald Hoogenboom hoogenboom30@zonnet.nl
Fri Nov 20 19:25:00 GMT 2015

Super! Thanks.
The fsf assignment has been sent, it should be there by now...

Best regards,

On 11/20/2015 03:10 PM, Nick Clifton wrote:
> Hi Ronald,
>> Apparently, the strndup function is not 'portable' enough for mingw-w64.
>> There seems to be a xstrndup function in libiberty that could be used
>> instead. I'm sorry I don't have all the possible compilers handy to
>> verify all possible targets, but this should do.
> Thanks - I have gone ahead and checked this patch in along with the 
> following copyright notice.
> Cheers
>   Nick
> binutils/ChangeLog
> 2015-11-20  Ronald Hoogenboom  <hoogenboom30@zonnet.nl>
>     * objcopy.c (parse_symflags): Use xstrndup in place of strndup.
>     (copy_main): Likewise.

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