[LD][AARCH64]Create test cases for big-endian

Renlin Li renlin.li@arm.com
Mon Nov 2 16:47:00 GMT 2015

Hi all,

Previously, I introduced a few test cases for relocations on large 
memory model. Those test cases failed on big-endian aarch64.
It's because the data layout for _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ symbol is 
different in big-endian case.

Here is the simple fix which add alternative desired output for 
big-endian. The original test cases are limited to run on little-endian 

Checked on aarch64, aarch64_be bare-metal and linux target. Okay to install?

Renlin Li


2015-11-02  Renlin Li  <renlin.li@arm.com>

     * ld-aarch64/emit-relocs-301.d: Skip aarch64_be.
     * ld-aarch64/emit-relocs-302.d: Likwise.
     * ld-aarch64/emit-relocs-310.d: Likwise.
     * ld-aarch64/emit-relocs-515.d: Likwise.
     * ld-aarch64/emit-relocs-516.d: Likwise.
     * ld-aarch64/tls-large-desc.d: Likwise.
     * ld-aarch64/tls-large-ie.d: Likwise.
     * ld-aarch64/tls-relax-large-desc-ie.d: Likwise.
     * ld-aarch64/tls-relax-large-desc-le.d: Likwise.
     * ld-aarch64/tls-relax-large-gd-ie.d: Likwise.
     * ld-aarch64/tls-relax-large-gd-le.d: Likwise.
     * ld-aarch64/emit-relocs-301-be.d: New for aarch64_be.
     * ld-aarch64/emit-relocs-302-be.d: Likewise.
     * ld-aarch64/emit-relocs-310-be.d: Likewise.
     * ld-aarch64/emit-relocs-515-be.d: Likewise.
     * ld-aarch64/emit-relocs-516-be.d: Likewise.
     * ld-aarch64/tls-large-desc-be.d: Likewise.
     * ld-aarch64/tls-large-ie-be.d: Likewise.
     * ld-aarch64/tls-relax-large-desc-ie-be.d: Likewise.
     * ld-aarch64/tls-relax-large-desc-le-be.d: Likewise.
     * ld-aarch64/tls-relax-large-gd-ie-be.d: Likewise.
     * ld-aarch64/tls-relax-large-gd-le-be.d: Likewise.
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