RFC: using AdaCore's git hooks for binutils-gdb.git ...

Joel Brobecker brobecker@adacore.com
Sat Nov 29 02:53:00 GMT 2014

> I definitely like it a lot.  So, from my side, you have the green light
> (and also my offer to help deploying the scripts, if you need).


> Just a question: AFAIU, those scripts will only affect what we get in
> the mailing lists (gdb-cvs and binutils-cvs), right?  Will we see any
> change in the messages that are sent to our Bugzilla?

Indeed, we're going to have do so some adaptation somewhere
to make sure that the diffs do not make it to bugzilla.
Similarly, we'll need to make it work with the IRC bot.
I don't know how that part works yet (but I think I have access
to the scripts, so it should be easy to figure out).


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