RFC: Discrepancy between sh_info and DT_VERNEEDNUM

Nick Clifton nickc@redhat.com
Thu Nov 27 11:34:00 GMT 2014

Hi Guys,

  In the tarball attached to PR 17512, comment 112 there is a file
  id:000010,src:000000,op:flip4,pos:4940, which I have also attached to
  this email.  This file contains a discrepancy between the value of
  DT_VERNEEDNUM (1) and the sh_info field of the SHT_GNU_Verneed section
  header (0xe000), which leads "objdump -x <that file>" to go into a
  very long loop printing out garbage version need information.

  As far as I can tell the use of the sh_info field is an undocumented
  shortcut and that really the DT_VERNEEDNUM value should be used.
  Either way though the discrepancy ought to be detected and reported.
  The problem I have however is that I am not sure of the right place to
  detect this problem.  I have a local patch that adds a test into
  bfd/elf.c:_bfd_elf_print_private_bfd_data but that only affects
  printing out the version information.  A better patch I feel would
  detect and report the problem when the SHT_GNU_Verneed section is read
  in.  What do other people think ?


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