gold plugin support

K Jski
Thu Nov 20 19:21:00 GMT 2014

Dear BinUtils,

I am working on a custom function-address-aligner in order to produce
an aarch64 binary. I have already tried achieving this with the linaro
(4.9-2014.10 version to be exact) aarch64-toolchain utilizing their
aarch64-linux-gnu-ld with the --defsym flag without success. (it does
align but this causes my micro-test to segfault)

Another approach I had thought of was to write a gold plugin and use
gold to achieve though I'm having trouble finding any documentation on
this (like a tutorial for even a super simple plugin )
the first thing that comes up when I google is LLVM's gold plugin
which is not what I want I assume. I have dug though gold src code and
have found a plugin object but its leaving me with not much to work

Thank you,

C Jelesnianski

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