[oss-security] Re: Fuzzing objdump (PR 17512) and readelf (PR 17531)

Alexander Cherepanov cherepan@mccme.ru
Fri Nov 7 12:19:00 GMT 2014

On 2014-11-07 15:09, Alexander Cherepanov wrote:
>> I was just curious how well
>> this works for real world tasks like objdump crashes.
> Back to real world deduping. IMHO it's not ideal but works quite well,

Ah, I forgot to add that to really know the quality of the results of 
this approach we have to ask Nick Clifton which actually worked with the 
resulted crashers. I mostly didn't look into the sources and just run 
the script which in the end prepares a tarball for uploading (modulo 
manually filtering out some garbage which I didn't yet manage to 
blacklist in the script).

Nick, any feedback appreciated.

Alexander Cherepanov

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