Revert bfd_get_size checks

Nicholas Clifton
Thu Nov 6 14:43:00 GMT 2014

Hi Alan,

> I think we should revert all of these bfd_get_size checks, given the
> number of errors they have introduced, and that it's better to allow a
> malloc, seek or read failure on a corrupt file than penalize good
> files with a stat.  Nick?

OK,  *sigh*.  I introduced the checks in order to produce more helpful 
error messages when the BFD library encounters a corrupt file.  At least 
that was the plan.  It obviously has not worked out so well.

I have already checked in one patch to revert some of the checks.  Feel 
free to revert the rest of them though.  I will rerun the binutils 
against all of the corrupt binaries afterwards and see if any real 
failures pop up.


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