Tracing Android NDK's R_ARM_THM_CALL Truncate Problem

lin zuojian
Fri Mar 28 13:09:00 GMT 2014

    I was completely misunderstood about this behavior.Here's what the
    source say:
      /* Default values.  */
      /* Thumb branch range is +-4MB has to be used as the default
	 maximum size (a given section can contain both ARM and Thumb
	 code, so the worst case has to be taken into account).

	 This value is 24K less than that, which allows for 2025
	 12-byte stubs.  If we exceed that, then we will fail to link.
	 The user will have to relink with an explicit group size
	 option.  */

     So this is cause by too many stubs in the same group,and I have to
     "relink with an explicit group size option".

     But will the linker do the math for me? Retry with the suitable
     parameter when fail for example.

On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 08:59:52PM +0800, lin zuojian wrote:
> Hi,
>     I read the code again.And I think the structure is correct.I was
>     wrong about the last message. Let's focus on the stub grouping size.
> --
> Regards
> linzu zuojian

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