[PATCH 1/2, AArch64] gas docs missing for -mcpu/-march option

Richard Earnshaw rearnsha@arm.com
Thu Mar 13 17:13:00 GMT 2014

On 13/03/14 12:09, Jiong Wang wrote:
> Currently, there are no -mcpu/-march documentations for AArch64.
> This patch add the docs for them.
> Please review.


I've reworded some of this and committed the attached, which also
includes some other minor cleanups.

2014-03-13  Richard Earnshaw  <rearnsha@arm.com>
	    Jiong Wang  <Jiong.Wang@arm.com>

	* doc/c-aarch64.texi: Clean up some formatting issues.
	(AArch64 Options): Document -mcpu and -march.
	(AArch64 Extensions): New node.

> Thanks.
> Jiong
> gas/
>    * doc/c-aarch64.texi (AArch64 Options): Document -mcpu and -march.
> gas-doc.patch
> diff --git a/gas/doc/c-aarch64.texi b/gas/doc/c-aarch64.texi
> index 6019006..544d5ab 100644
> --- a/gas/doc/c-aarch64.texi
> +++ b/gas/doc/c-aarch64.texi
> @@ -50,6 +50,46 @@ Specify which ABI the source code uses.  The recognized arguments
>  are: @code{ilp32} and @code{lp64}, which decides the generated object
>  file in ELF32 and ELF64 format respectively.  The default is @code{lp64}.
> +@cindex @code{-mcpu=} command line option, AArch64
> +@item -mcpu=@var{processor}[+@var{extension}@dots{}]
> +This option specifies the target processor.  The assembler will issue an error
> +message if an attempt is made to assemble an instruction which will not execute
> +on the target processor.  The following processor names are recognized:
> +@code{cortex-a53},
> +@code{cortex-a57},
> +and
> +@code{xgene-1}.
> +The special name @code{all} may be used to allow the assembler to accept
> +instructions valid for any ARMv8 processor.
> +
> +In addition to the basic instruction set, the assembler can be told to accept
> +various extension mnemonics that extend the processor.
> +
> +Multiple extensions may be specified, separated by a @code{+}.  Extension
> +mnemonics may also be removed from those the assembler accepts. This is done by
> +prepending @code{no} to the option that adds the extension.  Extensions that are
> +removed should be listed after all extensions which have been added.
> +
> +The following extensions are currently supported:
> +@code{crc} (Enable CRC instructions.),
> +@code{crypto} (Enable cryptographic extension.  This implies @code{fp} and @code{simd}.),
> +@code{fp} (Enable floating-point extension.),
> +and
> +@code{simd} (Enable Advanced SIMD extension, This implies @code{fp}.).
> +
> +@cindex @code{-march=} command line option, AArch64
> +@item -march=@var{architecture}[+@var{extension}@dots{}]
> +This option specifies the target architecture.  The assembler will issue an
> +error message if an attempt is made to assemble an instruction which will not
> +execute on the target architecture.  The only value for @var{arch} is
> +@code{armv8-a}.
> +
> +If both @code{-mcpu} and @code{-march} are specified, the assembler will use
> +the setting for @code{-mcpu}.
> +
> +The architecture option can be extended with the same instruction set extension
> +options as the @code{-mcpu} option.
> +
>  @end table
>  @c man end
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