[GOLD] debug_msg test

Cary Coutant ccoutant@google.com
Wed Mar 6 17:46:00 GMT 2013

> Although it does seem like a bug that the linker can't even come up
> with the source file here.

It could come up with a source file here, but if it can't find a line
number, we opt for object file + section + offset, which is probably
more useful than a source file without a line number.

Besides, this test is specifically testing gold's ability to come up
with the line number. Are you sure there's not a problem in the dwarf
reader? If the powerpc compiler doesn't write good enough debug info
for this test, maybe we should just disable it for powerpc. Ah, the
reference is in the .toc section -- is this being compiled in PIC
mode? Maybe the symbolization logic needs to be a little smarter to
support powerpc (I checked on x86_64, and this works fine with -fPIC).

The duplicate checks were there because there really are two sets of
errors printed out, for undefined references from different functions
-- gold used to print out the function name in addition to file and
line number, and the tests were looking for that, too. The error
messages got simplified in a patch on 4/18/11, and the second set of
checks became redundant. Maybe we should adjust the test case to count
the number of occurrences and check that there are two of each.


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