[Patch, microblaze, gas, opcodes] Add support for swapb and swaph insns

David Holsgrove david.holsgrove@xilinx.com
Thu Nov 8 12:50:00 GMT 2012

Add swap byte (swapb) and swap halfword (swaph) opcodes.

swapb: swaps the contents of rA treated as 4 bytes, and place in rD,
effectively converting between endianness formats

swaph: swaps the contents of rA treated as 2 halfwords, and place in rD,
converting the 2 halfwords in the register between endianness formats.

Expand gas/testsuite/microblaze/gas/allinsn to include swapb and swaph


 2012-11-08  David Holsgrove  <david.holsgrove@xilinx.com>

          * microblaze-opc.h (op_code_struct): Add swapb, swaph
            Increase MAX_OPCODES.
          * microblaze-opcm.h (microblaze_instr): Likewise


 2012-11-08  David Holsgrove  <david.holsgrove@xilinx.com>

          * gas/microblaze/allinsn.s: Add swapb, swaph
          * gas/microblaze/allinsn.d: Likewise

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