Binutils: [Patch, microblaze, gas, opcodes] Add support for slr and shr registers

David Holsgrove
Thu Nov 8 12:48:00 GMT 2012

Add stack high register and stack low register for MicroBlaze
hardware assisted stack protection, stores stack low / stack high limits
for detecting stack overflow / underflow

Added to gas/testsuite/microblaze/gas/allinsns to check awareness of


 2012-11-08  Edgar E. Iglesias <>

          * microblaze-opcm.h: Add REG_SLR_MASK, REG_SHR_MASK,
            REG_SHR and REG_SLR
          * microblaze-dis.c (get_field_special): Handle REG_SLR_MASK
            and REG_SHR_MASK


 2012-11-08  Edgar E. Iglesias <>

          * config/tc-microblaze.c (parse_reg): Parse REG_SLR, REG_SHR


 2012-11-08  David Holsgrove  <>

          * gas/microblaze/allinsn.s: Test use of SHR, SLR
          * gas/microblaze/allinsn.d: Likewise

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