RFC: implement 'info proc mappings' for core files

Sergio Durigan Junior sergiodj@redhat.com
Sat Nov 3 03:45:00 GMT 2012

On Friday, November 02 2012, Tom Tromey wrote:

> I'm CCing the binutils list because this patch, like my previous one,
> needs a small addition to elfcore_grok_note, this time to make the
> NT_FILE note's data available to gdb.
> This patch implements "info proc mappings" and "info proc exe" for core
> files.  It also changes gdb to write the NT_FILE note from "gcore".

Wow, I totally forgot about this feature.  In fact, I thought Ulrich's
patch had already implemented it!  If I knew it hadn't been implemented,
I would have sent my patches again :-).  Shame on me.

Anyway, thanks for implementing this!


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